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What are the Collagen Fillers Malaysia ?


The Collagen Fillers Malaysia are one of the high end medical procedures in which the surgeon can inject the fillers in the patient’s skin and after that the patient can feel the anti aging. This treatment purely worked as anti aging treatment. So, the patient can feel younger after the treatment. There are numbers of benefits available, but the patient should eligible to draw these benefits. While the patient moves for this procedure, before they should certify above 18 years after that the patient can move for the next step to rectify the aging skin problem.


Am I candidate for the collagen treatment?


The cosmetic physician can help you to determine in case, you are the candidate for the Collagen Fillers Malaysia treatment at time of initial consultation. Normally, the good collagen treatment candidates are mentally and physically healthy as well as have the realistic goals for the cosmetic enhancement with the collagen.


People who are not perfect candidates include:


* Pregnant women

* Patients suffering from the disease of autoimmune system

* Patients with the allergies to some components of the collagen

* Patients with the allergies to lidocaine might not get topical anesthetic at injection sites


Generally, the detailed evaluation as well as allergy test (for the collagen treatments making use of animal proteins) are given during the consultation to determine the candidacy.


How does the collagen compare for Restylane as well as other fillers?


Whereas, collagen is the dermal filler that is based on naturally happening animal and human collagen, Restylane as well as other fillers like Captique™, Perlane®, as well as Juvederm® are all made of biodegradable hyaluronic acid. As hyaluronic acid is occurring substance & doesn’t need allergy test, and it is at times used as the alternative to bovine- and collagen products. Restylane as well as other dermal fillers like Sculptra®, Fascian®, as well as Dermalive®/ or ermadeep® are very effective choices for rejuvenating face just by eliminating the facial lines & wrinkles.


What is average price of the collagen treatment?


Typical price for the bovine collagen injection is around $250 every injection. The advanced, and human based collagen products like Isolagen average around $1,500 every injection. The collagen treatment costs differ according to how many of injections are done, and area of country where patient is looking for treatment. Also, the collagen injection cost are very different in case, patient is having some other cosmetic treatments that are done in the combination with the collagen treatment.


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Collagen Fillers Malaysia


Payment Plan options for Australians. Up to 40,000 $ in coverage

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