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Otoplasty Malaysia

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Why patients are required this procedure in Malaysia?


It is a cosmetic surgery in, which the patient can reshape the ears. This procedure can offer various forms such as:


  • With the help of this procedure the surgeon can bring the ears closer to the head, and it is know as ear pinning.
  • Through this procedure the surgeon can reduce the size & shape of the big ears, and it is reconstructing the various bends in the cartilage.
  • However, the reshaping procedures can deal with disorder, or absent ears.
  • The otoplasty Malaysia surgery can include a combination of stirring, reconstructive, attaching, or removing the structural ear elements.


How is the otoplasty done?


Otoplasty Malaysia is generally done by the board certified surgeon, ENT (ear, nose & throat) surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon. And in adults, otoplasty is generally done as outpatient treatment under local and regional anesthesia. In kids under age of eight, the general anesthesia is generally administered to keep still during procedure. All the incisions are made behind ear and thus there are not any visible scars after operation. In case, ears are protruding, then they are rotated backward. In case, some of natural folds of ear are missing, then they are made from the tissues taken from some other parts of ear and body. Ears, which are injured & are thickened are thinned & sculpted. At an end of operation, the pressure dressing is then placed over ears to hold in proper place when it heals.


What I should expect postoperatively?


Normally, there is little pain and bruising that is involved postoperatively and that takes around one week and half after procedure for swelling to subside, though area are sensitive for 3 weeks. Pressure dressing is also removed after 5 to 7 days. Ears can often feel numb for 2 to 3 months after surgery, and with the sensation returning very slowly over this period. And this numbness is reason there is normally no pain during postoperative period that makes operation exceptionally tolerated by kids.


When I can see results?


No peeking at ear till after pressure dressing is been removed! Doing so can increase chance of the infection and alter final results. After dressings are been removed, then you can see immediate difference in ear, though few residual swelling might stay.


What are risks of the otoplasty Malaysia ?


With right postoperative care, and otoplasty is safe & satisfying operation, which carries very little risk. The possible complications will include reaction to the anesthesia, infection, bleeding, unfavorable scarring, blood clot, asymmetry as well as cosmetic dissatisfaction.

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Otoplasty Malaysia


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