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Nose Augmentation

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Nose Augmentation

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What is nose augmentation Malaysia ?


Nose augmentation Malaysia  is an advanced cosmetic surgical process using for reshaping nose. This process is also known as the Rhinoplasty surgical process reshaping the nose balance. This process can be performed at any time according to patient’s desire after the age of fifteen.  It is work on various ways to reshaping the nose such as:


  • Remove the excess fat from the nose area and increasing the size of nose
  • Tip the nose to maintain the balance of face
  • Increasing he weak angle the nose and upper lip
  • Repair the balance with the face


Are You Right Candidate?


In case, you are not happy with size and shape of nose, then nose job (Nose Augmentation Malaysia) might help you out. Lots of things will affect look of nose. Maybe you were born with bump, hook and drooping nasal tip, and accident and injury might have also changed shape of the nose. Aging, will take toll on appearance of the nose. For a few, the nose job will correct the functional issue like breathing difficulty because of deviated septum.


In case, you are considering about rhinoplasty, then consult with board certified plastic surgeon. During visit, you may discuss aesthetic or functional goals. Also, you should explain what you hope getting out of nose surgery in order to attain best results.


Would you like to improve breathing?


Are concerns purely cosmetic?


Or maybe, you want to enhance the identity with the ethnic rhinoplasty?


You might want to correct the previous nose surgery with the revision rhinoplasty. Come ready to the consultation. And bring photographs of the celebrities whose noses that you like & even those you don’t. Also, these will help the surgeon to better understand goals. Keep in mind, that because the button and ski-slope nose works on favorite actress doesn’t mean it can complement face. Trust in the surgeon’s expertise. Prior to the pictures of nose can be taken during visit, as well as few surgeons might make use of the computer imaging technology in order to show how your nose might look before the actual nose surgery.


The surgeon can review medical history in order, to determine in case, you are the good rhinoplasty candidate. Also, tell surgeon about all medications that you take on regular basis, and that includes dietary & herbal supplements. In case you smoke, and quitting before the nose surgery is very important. The smoking impedes the healing as that compromises blood flow to skin. This will affect cosmetic & functional results and in case, you have trouble kicking habit on own, and ask surgeon for the guidance.

Nose Augmentation Malaysia Before & After pics

Nose Augmentation Malaysia


Payment Plan options for Australians. Up to 40,000 $ in coverage

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