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What is a face lift Malaysia ?


Face lift Malaysia is also known as rhytidectomy surgical procedures that tight loose skin on face and neck area. Facelift surgical process decrease the over age sign form the facial as well as boost the confidence of the patients. Like other surgical process this process having some risk such as bleeding, infection, nerve damage, adverse reaction.


In this regard the patients must be selecting the well skilled surgeons because in most of the cases patients are facing critical problem due to less skilled surgeons. But in case of patients of Malaysia are never face such types of problem. Yes, however I want to change appearance of face.


Before & After Photos


This is excellent question as that leads to evaluating the realistic expectations, obviously, will get answered on individual basis. For a few patients who “would like to look like somebody else,” and this request will potentially raise red flag to find more about the motivation & self esteem. But, patient in before & after photograph knew from time of youth, which her mother & aunts looked older than age. And her situation was genetics, as well as she knew that no matter how well that she cared for skin & body, signs of the premature aging were around her. Thus, she wanted dramatic change with expectations & motivations thought out & realistic.


And one sign of good board certified the facial plastic surgeon is the one who may tell difference between the realistic & unrealistic expectations as well as one who are truthful about meeting every patient’s desires. Biggest referral source is also from the satisfied patients – and ones who had the realistic expectations & were satisfied with the results.


Do you tighten muscles?


We are glad to hear question as that shows patients do the homework. Yes, relaxed muscles are all “tightened” under skin & excess skin is been removed. Tightening muscles eliminates “turkey wattle” (floppy thing, which hangs down on turkey’s neck) as well as results in youthful appearance. Due to elasticity of skin, in case, only excess skin were been removed, benefits of facelift will be short lived – and about 6 to 8 weeks. The successful facial reconstruction that involves muscles & skin.


How long my facelift will last?


Like with the face lift Malaysia , longevity of benefits is totally dependent on many factors. For the patients who don’t smoke, never abuse sun, are in very good general health & have the good genetics, facelift will last upwards of ten years. For the patients who elect abuse the skin & body, facelift can just last up to 5 years. Never forget – attention to general health plays significant role in younger appearance.


Will facelift help dark circles & bags under eyes?


In case, you have the dark circles & bags under eyes, and you are likely hoping for benefits of the blepharoplasty that uncovers the hidden beauty of eyes. The facelift might give you a few improvement, but, it cannot meet expectations of patients whose main concern is bags under ad dark circles around eyes. 

Face Lift Malaysia Before & After pics

Face Lift Malaysia


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