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Chin augmentation

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Chin augmentation

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Chin augmentation

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What is chin augmentation Malaysia ?


Chin augmentation Malaysia  is one of the advanced plastic surgery process increasing the facial look by balance the chin. In most of the cases due to excess fats that store in the chin area and chins are hung downwards. In this regard the chin augmentation surgery processes remove the excess fats as well as reshape it.


Both the man and women are suffering from the problem. People having heath physic and mental condition are suitable candidates for these process. In this entire process Malaysia patients are never facing any critical problem due to advanced medical facilities and well skilled surgeons.


Why Procedure is done?


The chin augmentation Malaysia  is generally done to balance face just by making chin longer and bigger when compared to nose. Best candidates for the chin augmentation are the people with weak and receding chins (the microgenia), however who have the normal dental bite.


Prior to the surgery, discuss about expectations of looking as well as feeling much better with plastic surgeon. Also, keep in mind desired result is improvement, and not the perfection.




Most common complications of the chin augmentation are:

  •  Movement of implant
  •  Swelling
  •  Bruising


Possible complications will include:

  •  Loss of sensation
  •  Damage to teeth


Rare side effects will include:

  •  Infection that will at times need removing implant
  •  Blood clots
  •  Pain doesn’t go away
  •  Numbness and other changes in the skin sensation


Though most of the patients are very happy with outcome, and poor cosmetic results, which might need some additional surgery include:

  •  Wounds don’t heal very well
  •  Asymmetry of face
  •  Unpleasant scarring
  •  Fluid collects under skin
  •  Irregular shape of skin (contour)


After Procedure


You can feel a few discomfort as well as soreness that you may very easily control with the medication. You might feel a few numbness in chin for 3 months, as well as stretching sensation over chin for one week. Most of swelling is gone by around 6 weeks, and that depends on type of the procedure that you had.


You may need to stick to liquid and soft diet for one day or two. You may probably have outside bandage to be removed within one week of the surgery. You are also asked to wear brace when you are sleeping for 4 to 6 weeks. You may resume the light activity day of surgery and you must return to the work & usual activities in 7 to 10 days. The doctor and nurse can give you the specific instructions

Chin augmentation Malaysia Before & After pics

Chin augmentation Malaysia


Payment Plan options for Australians. Up to 40,000 $ in coverage

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