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Gynaecomastia Correction

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Why the patients are moving gynaecomastia surgery in Malaysia?


The gynaecomastia surgery in Malaysia locality involves information about this procedure so that the patient can know the actual performance of this procedure. This procedure is the improvement of unusually extra large mammary glands in the males resulting in the breast enlargement in which patient can sometimes come across secretion of milk. While the patient move for this procedure, before they need to explain their problem to the surgeon. So, the surgeon can solve the complicated areas in best manner. It is the high end medical technology, and this procedure can be performed by the educated surgeon in suitable way.

Gynecomastia generally refers to benign enlargement of male breast. The article describes authors’ method of making use of the power-assisted liposuction as well as gland removal by subareolar incision for the thin patients.


Gynaecomastia Correction Malaysia METHODS:


The power assisted liposuction is done for the removal of the fatty breast tissue in chest area that allow the skin retraction. Subareolar incision is been used to remove the glandular tissue from male subject that is considered as within normal weight range however who has the bilateral grade one or two gynecomastia.


Gynaecomastia Correction Malaysia RESULTS:


The Gynaecomastia Correction Malaysia was performed successfully for all patients. Average volume of the aspirated fat breast 100 to 200Â ml on every side. And every breast had 5 to 80Â g of the breast tissue that is removed. At three -month, six -month, and one -year follow up assessments, and all treated patients were pleased with the aesthetic results.


Gynaecomastia Correction Malaysia CONCLUSIONS:


Liposuction has an advantage to reduce fat tissue where essential to allow the skin retraction & of reducing traces left by the surgery. Combination of the surgical excision & power assisted lipoplasty is valid choice for treatment of the thin patients.




In a method removal of the excess glandular tissue that is from body is done with the scalpel. The liposuction are done alongside for removing an excess fatty tissue.

In the liposuction excess sum of the fatty breast tissue is been removed by inserting the thin tube, through incision. The suitable drains are placed in surgery site that remove an excess fluids, which might accumulate after surgery.

Gynecomastia surgery treatment is done under general anesthesia or combination of the local anesthesia with the sedation as well as takes three hours. And any drains that are used are been removed in 3 days after the surgery. The total recovery time is 6 weeks.

Gynaecomastia Correction Malaysia  Before & After pics

Gynaecomastia Correction Malaysia


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