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Why the vaser in Malaysia process required?


Vaser in Malaysia process is one of the advanced processes to reshape body by removing unwanted fat from the body. Previously the surgeons are never confident to handle the critical; surgical process due to less technology. But in cases of vaser in Malaysia the surgeon will remove the fat from the critical tissue areas.


With the help of these processes the surgeon can easily judge the fat removing areas that appear in monitor. Also the patients can never fill excess pain like the traditional surgical process. Due to this reason the vaser process is called as newest creation of ultrasonic assisted process.


What is VASER Lipo and How does it vary from the traditional liposuction?


VASER Lipo is advanced body contouring method, which selectively removes the unwanted body fat. The alternative to harsh methods of the traditional liposuction, and VASER Lipo makes use of state of art ultrasound technology made to gently reshape the body. What distinguishes VASER Lipo treatment is ability to differentiate the targeted fat from some other important tissues –like blood vessels, nerves, as well as connective tissue. The innovative VASER technology that breaks up fat when preserving other important tissues for promoting the smooth results & fast healing.


How VASER Lipo works?


First, area to get reshaped is been filled with tumescent saline solution, which helps to numb site & shrink blood vessels (minimize the blood loss & reduce bruising). The solution wets & fills area to get treated, and making it very simple to break up the fatty tissue with VASER Lipo ultrasound energy. After that, small probe transmits the sound energy break up fat on the contact when preserving some other important tissues. Lastly, liquefied fat is been removed through gentle suction procedure made to minimize the trauma to the surrounding tissue structures like blood vessels, nerves, and some other connective tissues.


What body areas are treated with the VASER Lipo?


Doctors have also experienced good success to treat all of following areas: thighs, knees, abdomen, calves, ankles, hips, buttocks, arms, back, male & female breasts, chin, love handles, face and about other body part that you want treated.


How much fat is taken? Will you treat the multiple areas once?


VASER Lipo also allows doctors to treat the multiple body areas at a time. The doctor can give you better idea what is correct for you & how much fat that is taken out at time of procedure. Keep in mind that procedure is not at all intended as weight loss solution. Goal is make the slimmer silhouette and you might not see significant amount of the weight loss, however you must get pleased with the slimmer new shape.


Where is the VASER Lipo done?


VASER Lipo is done in clean and sterile environment. Few possible choices are in the doctor’s office, outpatient surgery and hospital. Procedure is done under the local anesthesia, IV sedation, and general anesthesia. You & your doctor can decide best kind of the treatment for you.


How soon I will see results? What is recovery time?


It varies with extensiveness of procedure—amount of the fat removed, number of the areas treated. Lots of patients report they see the results instantly after procedure with final result at 3 – 6 months. It is very important you establish the realistic expectations by discussion with doctor.

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Vaser in Malaysia


Payment Plan options for Australians. Up to 40,000 $ in coverage

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